Thursday, March 22, 2007


[I am back to TT Akait now. Have just had my lunch at a restaurant closed to the National Parliament building, serving Japanese and Indonesian food. Met a Batak guy whom I met a few months ago, and we talked about the current political situation. He very much wants to see the new generation to be on the politcal stage, bringing cahnge to this country.

On my way to the restaurant, I came accross Petrus Kanisius. We were in Yogya a few years back. We shared some views on the need to recharge our baterry spiritually. Apparently, he is the same age as me. He was born on 12 January 1966.

The weekly UNMIT press conference went well, with DSRSG Tan updating the journalists on the security arrangments for the upcoming elections.

*)Try to listen to the voice of your heart carefully. Do it constantly.

*) The heart is wise, but the brain tends to be arrogant. Our duty is to harmonize the two in our daily performance in life.

*)The time for doing things is now. Don't wait until tomorrow. It might be too late.

*) I dream of seeing a Timorese who is proud of being a nationalist and at the same time as an internationalist.

*) Try to distance yourself always from the reality; then it will help you to see things clearly.

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