Thursday, January 29, 2009


*) If there is no humility from the two parties involved in the conflict, it will be difficult to achieve peace, harmony and reconciliation. Whether we like it or not, one of them should be humble, and in doing so, it will create an opportunity for the other party to soften its approach.

*) A prayer without a hard work is the same as telling a lie. And a hard work without a prayer, there seems to be having an incomplete packing of our bags in our journey of life.

*) Making plans for carrying out life is an important thing to do, and most importantly it is the execution of such plans in a proper manner. It is not easy to live a life. There is a need to have a mental discipline to do so.

*) I am the poet, and I am the man of letters. Being a poet is a vocation. When I am still alive, and when I cry out for something, almost no one wants to hear it. Someday I am gone to the other world, and then people begin to search for my words as if they do so in trying to find a lost needle. This is, indeed, the consequence of being a literary man. It is a heavy cross in which I have to be ready to bear on my shoulder.

[Remembering the small conversation on “being a poet” I had with PR Ramos-Horta in Com, Lospalos—29 January 2009]

*) When I am silent, people think I am stupid. When I am silent, people think I am scared. Time will come someday for me to speak out. Don’t be surprised when I tell which the real truth will be.

*) We need to be silent. Silence is golden. Silence is a wise gesture. We need to step back. Sometimes we need to, if possible, let others win the whole game.

*) Our whole life can be described as a bunch of poems having no titles.

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