Friday, March 13, 2009


[I am back to the cyberspace after quite a while. Here I am wanting to chant....]

*) If we do not tune our musical instrument properly according to the sound of the ‘garputala’, then we should not dream of involving ourselves in an orchestra in order to play melodious tunes. Life also demands us to prepare and tune ourselves when we want to dive in its deep sea.

*) Everything in life has its own rules of the game where we like them or not, we should follow them. If we violate such rules, we are the ones will suffer.

*) Learning from history is a must for everyone with no exception. Let us hope that we will not repeat the same mistakes we committed in the past, in times to come.

*) I believe in the power of words. I believe words can break the silence.

*) If the trees are not strongly rooted on the soil, how can they challenge the blowing of the strong wind?

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