Monday, February 12, 2007


*) The more I write the more I feel I have not written anything. And I feel restless all the time.

*) Life is a mirror. When we smile, it will smile back at us.

*) My mother is a great teacher in my life. She is the source of my inspiration. She is like a well, never dry. She has taught me how to endure the pain in life.

*) My Dad once said when he was still alive, “Through darkness, we will see the light.”

[ Am still at the office. It is 9:21 PM now.

The security situation in Dili continues to be tense. My sisters: Zinha and Bati plus their kids as well my cousin, Zinda and the family were forced to leaves their houses in Usindu III yesterday afternoon due to the threats by the martial arts gangs. The same thing happened to my brother Enty. Feel very sorry for them. And at the moment they stay at Noi's (my eldest sister) house in Delta I.

Noi informed me that they have taken some of my belongings I left behind in Usindu III to Bekusi where my Mom lives...

Dili is trembling…. Dili nakdedar. La hatene atu hakat pasu ba loos ne'ebe?

Try to keep in this diary on-line as regularly as possible. Hope this is not only “panas-panas tai ayam”….

[I find it interesting to deal with the blog. A new playground for me…Why am so late in doing so?]

*) As a writer, you have to leave some space in your writings to the readers for their own interpretations.

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