Friday, February 16, 2007


[It rained heavily this afternoon around 5:30. I interpreted for SRSG in today’s press conference as I usually did. He just returned from NY after attending UN SC meeting on TL. His main briefing was on his meetings in NY, especially SC meeting. Lots of questions raised by journalists, particularly in regards to security situation in TL…

I feel sorry for the IDPs when it rains.

Was so pleased to receive an e-mail from Lia Haryono, a literary fellow, residing in Jakarta whom I came across recently via internet, this afternoon as a reply to my email sent on 12 Feb. Indeed, I was so anxious these days to get some news from her. She agreed with my proposal to publish our correspondence through this blog. That made my heart leap up. What a day! ]

*) Humility is very much needed in our lives. Being humble is a wise gesture.

*) We tend to point fingers at other people while refusing to acknowledge that we are also part of the problems.

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