Thursday, February 22, 2007


[Am at the office now. It is 10:05 PM. Cannot go home due to the bad security situation. Will stay overnight in the office as I did last night.
Worked really hard yesterday until a bit late last night, trying to finish the translation a legal document assigned by Human Rights Unit into Tetun. It was done early this morning. And it was supposed to be submitted to the NP at 10 AM this morning but the meeting was postponed until next week. I had been also asked to assist dsrsg to provide the interpretation service in Tetun at NP…

I found out that ‘buat tamak sira iha IT la blokeia tan ha’u-nia blog sira’ this afternoon. This means that I do not have to be at TT to update my blogs, and spend few extra money to do so.

It rained heavily yesterday afternoon and this afternoon as well. I thought a lot of the condition of those living in the camps as IDPs.]

*) The world is sick—full of hatred, war, revenge, etc everywhere. We lack love; we lack wisdom to heal it. [Mariano once said that here in Timor-Leste, the negative attitude is the one which dominates too much in the minds and hearts of Timorese. How can we expect to develop further TL with such an attitude?]

*) Tyranny, no matter how it behaves, will come to an end someday. The people’s power is the one which will crush it. History has proven it again and again.

*) What will we leave behind as legacy to the world when we die?

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